Jul 30, 2012

Fresh Skin

Turns out other folks have been using a script I shared with someone on tech-artists.org to help them with a particular rigging problem they had and I got an email about it because the tech-artists site is down so I figure I'll just put it up here.

The script is called Fresh Skin and it is pretty simple but very effective. It just duplicates the bound geometry, copies the skinning info over, deletes the original, and cleans up.  This fixes an insanely large number of issues but I wrote it a long time ago just to get rid of any unwanted history on a bound mesh.

1.Download below with right-click save as and save the file in you maya prefs folder in the scripts folder. For example c:/users/[yourusername]/documents/maya/scripts/
2. Restart Maya.
3. Select the bound mesh(es) you want to act on.
4. Run this command:  freshSkin;


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