Nov 12, 2012

Hair From Curve Script

Maya's hair system is a really powerful rigging tool, but the implementation makes it difficult to cleanly integrate into your rigs through script. It creates a bunch of extra nodes you don't need, names the resulting dynamic hair "curve1", and there is no way of specifying when you want to add a new follicle to an existing hairSystem node.

So I wrote a bare bones script in pymel that will create all the necessary nodes and connect them for you without creating all that extra junk.  If you pass in an existing hairSystem node name, it'll be added to that, otherwise a new hairSystem node will be created with the given name, or if you don't include a name it'll just make one up.


Jesse Carlson

This does not work with rigid body collisions though. :(

Tyler Hurd

Hrm. I believe it will collide with meshes...?

Select the HairSystem and the object to collide with

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