Jul 14, 2016


Are you an animator that sometimes downloads videos from the internet to use as reference footage for your animations, only to find that the compression format of the video makes scrubbing it frame by frame very difficult? All you want is to jump around between those frames with instant results, so frustrating.

Well here's a handle lil batch file for converting your video to a format that makes scrubbing between your frames instant and silky smooth.



(WINDOWS ONLY) Put the 2 zipped files in the same location (ffmpeg.exe and Scrubby.bat) and then drag any video file onto Scrubby.bat. It uses ffmpeg.exe to recompress the video with keyframes set on every frame as a h264 mp4 file. After the command line window goes away you'll have a new mp4 file with the same name as the input file, only with "_Scrubby" added to it.


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